Who is the program for?


Members of Youth with a Mission who want and are called by God to work in the multiplication of the School of Government and Economics; preference will be given to those who are pursuing university studies (at the University of the Nations or other academic institutions) or are in fact professionals who desire to be an instrument of transformation.



Believers who are called to teach in both spheres, outside or inside Youth with a Mission, either in formal or practical ways who wish to develop an educational project at any age level or social segment with a strong emphasis in both spheres.



Likewise, individuals with a calling to influence the sphere of government and/or have a vision to bring about reform in that area. This category of candidate includes those actually called to exercise political authority in their nation.



Individuals with a calling to exert influence in the economic and business sphere and/or have the vision to carry out reform in that area; entrepreneurs with a calling to exert influence among the business sectors of their context. This category includes those who may be called by God to influence the political circles of their society by using their influence as entrepreneurs.