The School

The School of Government and Economics

The School of Government and Economics has been conceptualized as a fundamental training for believers to understand the nature of both spheres and how they are coherently situated according to biblical categories of thought and without the dichotomies of current political and economic language.

The purpose of the School of Government and Economics is, therefore, to prepare believers in such a way that they can exert a transforming influence on both spheres. To that end, the course aims to eliminate the doctrinal limitations that have historically prevented believers from taking authority and exercising clear leadership on behalf of God in their society.

During the duration of the School of Government and Economics, students will receive from professors and lecturers -from within and outside of Youth with a Mission- of recognized international reputation, instruction that combines the spiritual and moral understanding of the Bible with concordant principles and practices, in a sequence which includes the Biblical Worldview of the spheres, the understanding of the History of Christianity, its effect on societies and its relevance in these times, and  an exposition of current international conditions from a Biblical perspective. This will give students a thorough understanding of how so-called public policy is vital to the success or failure of a nation’s international conditions and status. Each school may have a non-exclusive focus on the area of the world to which it will be directed on a case-by-case basis.