Requirements and commitments


  • Be an active member, or have been an active member, of Youth with a Mission, having attended an approved and certified Discipleship Training and Discipleship School.
  • Applicants who do not have a DTS may be admitted upon evaluation of the required reports when applying. However, they should be aware that they may be accepted on a walk-on basis, and may choose not to complete all the work required of regular participants, in which case they will not be eligible to receive a certificate from the University of the Nations.

    HOWEVER, if an applicant who does not have a DTS wishes to report and complete all work, this will be indicated at the outset as their choice, and if they complete all work to the satisfaction of the school they will be able to obtain a certificate from Nations University.
  • Be at least 18 years of age
  • Preference will be given to those who have attended any of the following UDLN schools: School of Biblical Studies, Biblical Worldview, Humanities, Government and IR, or have attended or are currently attending university

Regarding commitments

  • Registrants must commit to meet the attendance requirements (100% required) to class, to submitweekly reports, EGE mandatory text reports, formulate a project according to the guidelines given in class, attend weekly intercession sessions and be in charge of one intercession session for a nation according to the schedule, as well as attend small group meetings assigned to each student etc.
  • Submit two (2) references according to the established form, which will be sent to the referents at the time of registration as a candidate for the school.
  • Have a clear strategy to pay for the school and pay at least 30% of the cost before the start date of the school. The deadline for this first payment is the start date of the course.