Inscription SGE – Curitiba, Brasil 2023

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Notice: PLEASE read all the conditions regarding schedules, course costs and participant obligations BEFORE filling out and submitting your registration form; this will avoid wasting time and work for the school staff. THANK YOU VERY MUCH.

A payment of US$30 will be completed to confirm the application. This registration fee will NOT be refundable for those who are not accepted or withdraw from the school. For those who are accepted or continue in their intention to attend the school, the registration fee will be considered as part of the cost of the school, not an additional cost.



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    Describe your current occupation: (Work, study, educator, etc.)



    Do you fulfill any role in the Church you attend? Explain

    If it is in YWAM, explain what your work consists of and where it is located (place and country).


    1. Explain why you wish to enroll in the School of Government and Economics.

    2. Do you have plans and are you intentional about doing school? Explain


    Do you have the total amount needed to pay for school? Explain

    Are you aware that you will need to make at least a partial payment before you start school?

    If you do not have the necessary funds, what are your plans to obtain them and pay before the end of school?


    Please list the names and titles of two people we will ask to fill out a reference form about you, and their e-mail addresses

    Reference 1:
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    I understand that: I am committing myself to attend all class sessions and other school activities, submit all work such as book reports, weekly reports, required project, participate in the growth groups and to keep all the necessary rules for the operation of the course. I understand that failure to comply with the stipulated rules and requirements will result in my dismissal from the school.

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